Thursday, September 27

100th post !

The 100th posts is always a milestone in the development of a blog, and I'm very happy to reach it ! I would like to thank all my readers and all the people that left me encouraging comments ; you are about 50 to 70 visitors each day to read this blog. I'm in particular very pleased to see that a lot of Omani enjoy reading my blog.

Don't hesitate to leave comments on my blog, I will always be pleased to answer you and if you have a blog yourself or a website please add a link to my blog to increase my visibility on the web.

here is a selection of my favourite posts :
- Muscat vs. Paris round1 and Muscat vs. Paris round2 : the pros and cons about Oman.
- Women expats in Oman : discover the point of view of a french woman expat in Oman.
- Cost of living in Oman : my personal opinion about the cost of living in Oman.
- The poo-poo trucks : a funny fact about Muscat.
- The Sultan Qaboos highway : you take this road each day in Muscat, better to be prepared.


  1. Yes, we enjoy reading your blog! :-)

    Keep it up!

  2. Congratulations. Your blog is really good and helped us a lot when we found out we were being posted to this wonderful country.

  3. Congrats!

    My two euros on your 'participation' in blogosphere:

    1.Why aren't you commenting on other blogs?

    2.How many local blogs have you added to ur list?

  4. Hi mbc,

    1. I don't read a lot of other blogs unfortunately, mostly because I don't have enough time at work and I don't have internet connection at my home (thank you omantel), but when i have a relevant comments to make I always do. I have already put several comments on forums like localsabla or or some french blogs...

    2. I have only 2 local bogs in my link list : and
    I would be pleased to add other local blogs. you can leave me a comment and I will add it (except if the content is not appropriate).


  5. Bonjour de Inde!

    I was just hopping around the Internet today, trying to find out a little about Oman and somehow I came across your blog - I'm very glad that I did! I will be in Oman at the end of October for only a few days before I fly back here to India, but your information has already made sure that it will be enjoyable! Thankyou!oyrhb


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