Sunday, September 23

The restaurant

"The restaurant" is actually the name of the Chedi restaurant. From my opinion, this is the best restaurant in Muscat. The decor is very sober and classy, you have a pianist with a grand piano, and several kitchens that can be seen behind their glass walls...

Each kitchens correspond to a kind of regional cooking : Asian, Arabic, European... The dishes are very well presented, and of course very tasty. prices are about 15 OMR for a main course. if you include the tax, the total price for 2 person is 50 OMR with a starter and a main course (without the wine).

Note : During Ramadan, The restaurant applies the law which is to only serve alcohol to the guests of the hotel. This law is very irritating because suppose you're eating with friends who are guest at the hotel but you are not : the waiter will refuse to serve you any wine. what's the point ? I mean if you are not Muslim and if every people around you drink wine, why can't you order alcohol ? Moreover, when you're french you are used to drink the appropriate wine to accompany a meal. not having this possibility makes you only half-enjoy your meal. So I am in complete disagreement with the Oman law on this point.


  1. Isn't it possible you ask to some guest of the hotel to order it for you ?
    As we say in Italy, made a law found the trick :P

  2. So I am in complete disagreement with the Oman law on this point.

    Is it the government's law or this specific hotel's law? I assume it's the hotel's law. Because the government's law was to allow hotels to serve alcohol after the sunset and till the dawn if I'm not mistaken, and nothing was mentioned whether alcohol should only be served for the hotel's guests or just anyone. I guess it's the hotel's law.

  3. Hotel told me it was Oman law. (they also told me it was not possible for a guest to order alcohol for visitors)

  4. When there were world championships in Italy in 1990, we were fearing hooligans in Bologna so it was forbidden to serve alcohol during day before their match, in any place bar, coffe shop or restaurant.
    But if you checked the smell coming from cappuccino and coffee cups in bars where people usually go for lunch break, it was whiskey or gin tonic :-)
    We are unique hehe

  5. Apparently what the hotel told you is right. I just checked the law again and it says that alcohol can be served during Ramadhan only to guests staying at selected hotels and only between 7pm and 2am.

  6. That's weird !
    Even if it's a Muslim country, foreigners should be able to order wine even if they are not the guests of the hotel! .. franchement je vois pas pourquoi cette loi existe ^^

  7. Its only 1 month out of 12 months! I think ull b able to survive just fine!

  8. I've also heard this is a good restaurant I think this is the perfect excuse to going there with my family to know what people say is truth, I'll go there as soon as possible.m10m

  9. I have been reading about this kind of information and I think that the people can be so happy with the things that the people share!!


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