Monday, September 10

Al Ghazal Pub

The Al Ghazal Pub can be found inside the Intercontinental hotel. It is the best pub in Muscat, and when you enter the place you cannot avoid to say to yourself "welcome to england". Indeed, the clientele is predominantly english.

There is a large bar, surrounded with private loges. you have also 2 pools (always busy) and even darts.

Almost each night there is an activity, like a "Quizz night", I think there is also a "Bingo night". On the week-end there is generally a live band playing loud (rock) music, but the dancefloor is not really full (cause this place is not meant to dance i guess), and sometimes you have special events like the "Kylie Minogue double night"....

I like this place to go after the work with my collegues, or to start the night as a "before". An important information is the price of the beer : pint is around 2,5 OMR


  1. Comedy night at the club on tuesday 25th May 2010. since its free now i dnt think you will have a better reason not to come ;-)

  2. the place look so great, no matter if is a constanct conflict area, this place have a great night ambient, and you can see this refected in these pictures.

  3. There are pubs in Oman ..?!!

    What about drinking publically?

  4. the barman is not allowed to serve alcohol to Omani, that's all

  5. Great the people enjoy to play pool and have fun in a place every body goes


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