Wednesday, December 6

Day 1

First day was hard. Travelling during the night by plane from France, arriving saturday morning, going to the hotel and then directly to work.

The same day, I’ve discovered all of my new environment :

- Oman : suprising country were all the men are dressed with the same white tunic, and little funny hats.

- Muscat, the city : typical arabian style houses, big antenna on the roofes, and roads everywhere. The district Al Kuwhair, where my offices are, is not very charming but useful (lot of shops)

- My office : an old dusty building (full of cockroaches) where my offices are. It doesn't look like that I'm working in a top world class company...

- My colleages : a bunch of friendly engineers

- My hotel : Safeer international is clean and spacious, but no swimming pool, no bar, … The managers of my company are really stingy

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