Sunday, September 16

Oman dive center

The Oman dive center is located between Qantab and Barr Al Jissah, 10 minutes away from Ruwi. It is basically a private cove lost in the cliffs with a nice beach, a swimming pool and a restaurant (which is opened all the day, during Ramadan only alcohol is not served).

Different activities are proposed in the center :
- You can just pay the entrance fee (3 OMR) and enjoy the private beach and the swimming pool (there is also a beach volley court)
- You can take diving course, just for an introduction or to get your padi (140 OMR)
- You can go for a boat trip to do snorkeling
- You can rent a kayak or catamaran (but at the time I was there, they were still waiting to receive their kayak, and the catamaran was crappy).

There are also a equipped hunts if you want to spend some nights there but I didn't get inside. Basically, I recommend this place to spend some good time on the week-end but you have to know that prices can be sometimes expensive for the activities. offical website with list of prices here.

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  2. Hey I also visited Oman your blog is great. I also have a blog about Oman and other countries

  3. men this place is so good, look so cool, only a question, there's enough girls to all? jajajajaj I just kidding, I like to put a little bit of my sense of humor in my comments.

  4. I was looking for this information, thanks for put in this easy way, I mean in a easy way to understand it jajaja, well until the next time.

  5. that seems to be a good dive center, one of my favorite activities when I am on the beach is diving, I want to go there, can you tell me if it is too expensive??


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