Saturday, April 14

Sultan Qaboos Highway

I think what could be considered as the real "city center" of Muscat should be the Sultan Qaboos highway. This highway goes through the middle of Muscat, from Seeb to Muttrah. If you are willing to reach another area of Muscat you will use the highway :

But this highway is very dangerous for mainly two reasons. First reason is that some pedestrians decide sometimes to cross the road, which is very surprising for me. You can see one example on the picture below :

The other reason is that shared taxi van can stop at any moment on the right lane to take some passagers :

However, Muscat police has tried to reduce the speed on this highway by installing a lot of radar alongside the road :

security consultants say that The major risk in Oman remains the car accidents.

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  1. I've been there twice and Sultan Qaboos is the best highway in the country! It's an amazing construction and there's a lot of traffic jam but it'd be nice if you can add some informations about its pavement process. 2j3j


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