Sunday, September 9

Rock Bottom

My first post since my holidays and it will be also the first one of a serie about nightlife in Muscat.

"Rock Bottom" is club located in Qurm, not far from the Crown plaza. You can book a table to dinner before clubbing if you want, the food is not excellent but at least it will avoid you to pay the 10 OMR for the entrance to the club.

Once inside, it looks like a small regular club (compared to the one in Paris I mean), you have a central bar and a small dancefloor. The club is generally crowded after midnight, and there is a chaos of cars wanting to access the parking outside...

The music is various. The time I was there it was like house music before midnight, then you have a band playing live recent 'groovy' hits and at the end a the DJ comes back and plays all sort of music.

the dancefloor is generally crowded (not like on my picture above) but the purcentage of women is way too low for me to have fun in such a place (I'm not specifically looking for picking girls but I like to see women around me in this kind of place). But this problem is not specific to the club, I have the same feeling in all the places where you're supposed to party in Oman.


  1. I've been to RockBottom and honestly, I didn't like it much. It used to be good though.
    The bouncer seems like he doesn't know who t let in or not.
    He will let guys with dishdasha enter but not women with abaya even if their hair is not covered.

    When I went, I was forced to take off my hat but when inside, I found some people with hats on.

    And like you said, not enough women around.

  2. go check it out now and i'm sure you'll be updating your comments to the better

  3. Do they still charge for entry???

  4. hey does the 10RO fee have act as a cover charge ( like a few free drinks) or do we have to pay for everything inside ?

    1. they charging RO 10, and u will have one free drink with limited selection.

  5. Wots the name of the band playing there are the moment. Quite good I thought. Fun factor with the character outfits & attatude.

  6. The Band is called Rebel Music.

  7. whats the name of the band playing at this moment?

  8. The band at the moment is called The Renegades

  9. Do all these places have strict over 21 entery police? As a 20 year old in Oman I'm strugling to adjust.

  10. Hey guys im going to oman in a month to work for 4 months i just turned 21 how much fun can i have there ! im coming from a crazy party place and i love to party so im scared!??

  11. be scare, there is a lake of women in Oman, it's hard to have fun...

  12. That dosent sound nice at all how about hotel staff any nice looking girls there ?? How is the periode from may to end of June in Muscat dead or Ok ?

  13. I saw Rebel Music, they were awful. Their guitarist thinks he is a clown. Maybe he can sing better someday.

  14. I'm the guitarist for the new band that will be arriving in Oman around the 16th of April, 2010. come and check us out if you want a great time. Most of us are from New Zealand. I'm definitely not a clown!! Hahaha

  15. I am an ex-pat living and partying in Oman four years now. All of the clubs, Intercon, Rock, Safari, Cellar have seen a shift in clientele.

    1. More young, stupid Indian and Sri Lakan boys at the clubs.

    2. More gay boys at the bars. Especially Cellar in Radison, which is now a homo-bar.

    3. Less women, see #1 and #2 above. The boys who are not gay regularly ask "how much" to the ladies just trying to have fun and party. No wonder the ladies are tired of that bullshit.

    3. Less fun, see #1. The boys don't have a dance partner and insist on either dancing with one another or bothering the ladies on the floor. If you don't have a girl dance partner stay off the damn dance floor. Hint..take a shower and put on some deodorant when you arrive.

    Oman is full of sweet, available, beautiful young ladies. IF your are not an idiot. It is not unusual for me to take 4 or 5 with me on any night. The boys/men that are here sure make it easy for me to find lovely ladies on any given day or night.


  16. To the previous guy who wrote this. Dude, give me some more details! I am a party-Balkan European who has to move to Muscat. And I am wondering what kind of ladies will I expect to pick, if that is possible...

  17. wait a minute... your fist post? I thought you were doing the same last 3 weeks ago, but obviously I', wrong, anyway this post was a particular initiative and i think you did something special. 2j3j

  18. i dont think i wanna go clubbin in oman....sounds boooooooooring! and sleazy!

  19. Rock Bottom is a Good Place to have nice Time with friends, looking at all the comments above, no one mentioned the service level or the quality of the F&B, even the music is nice and the bands vary in the levels, but all in all you can have time there.
    1- girls go usually out for the same reason that should guys go out for, having good times, not to pick 4 or 5 girls !!
    2- dancing is not for partners only, whoever want to dance should do that, only don't bother others !

    Cheers !
    Hazem Ismaeel


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