Friday, March 23

Muscat vs. Paris round2

In my previous post, I was listing the things I miss the most in Muscat compared to Paris. Now I’m listing the exact opposite :

  1. Continuous nice weather.
    maybe I will change my mind during the next summer in Oman
  2. Diversity and beautiful of the nature : the sea, the beaches, the desert, the mountains… and eveything is accessible half an hour from Muscat
  3. Cheap prices : petrol, restaurants (except the ones serving wine), real estate, foods
  4. Quality of life : no traffic jam, relax rythm of the city, kindness of people, security of the country
  5. Low density of the population : the crowded places of Paris such as the undergrounds are exhausting.
So, who is the winner according to you ?
Feel free to add comment to complete this list.


  1. Muscat wins :D Because simply I don't need the stuff mentioned in the list of the first round.

  2. hi there!
    mmh i'd like 2 add something to ur list;
    in paris everybody smokes..hehe or at least around the hotel where i staid last summer..Now, whenever i smell a cigarettes smell i remember paris :) (hehe useless point)

    nice blog! keep it up bro :D

  3. interesting point. I'm a smoker myself, so I prefer Paris on this point because you can smoke everywhere you want (for the moment).

  4. oh no, smoking aint good :P (u didn't know :P)

    yet, the diffrence is simply the beauty of the world :D

  5. All things considered, I'd rather be in Paris right now


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