Tuesday, January 30

Gulf cup

The football Gulf cup is not a cup very watched in France. But in Oman it is a big event, especially when Oman is in final against Emirates (UAE) like yesterday night.

Usually when Oman wins a game everybody takes its car and go around in the city honking and brandishing Oman flag. But unfortunately yesterday, UAE wons, so the night has been quiet in Muscat streets.

Monday, January 29

White beach

The White beach is localised between Quriyat and Tiwi (west of Muscat). You can only access to the beach in 4x4 because the highway, which is near, is still in construction.

As its name let suppose it, the sand of the beach is white, and the sea is translucent.

Sunday, January 28

Bedouine camp

You can mount your tent in the desert near a bedouine camp. These people speak english a little bit and you can have dinner with them.

Also they can propose you to ride their camel for a small trip in the desert.

Friday, January 26

Dune bashing

Dune bashing refers to an activity you can practice only in the desert, with a big 4x4. It is simple, ride the dune as you were riding a wave for a surfer.

It is very difficult, this is why most of the time the guide or a bedouine are driving the car, but it is really fun : you feel like you are going to crash every minute, or you think that the car will turn over. But the major risk remains to get stuck in the sand.

Wednesday, January 24

Trekking in Muscat - part2

Another very nice little trek is the one starting from Bandar Jissah beach (East of Muscat, near Al bustan).

It is a very easy trek along the moutain crest, and you have very nice views over the beach and the sea.

Note : you can do this trek yourself refering to the trek number C52 in www.trekkingoman.com

Monday, January 22

Trekking in Muscat - part1

It is even possible to find some interesting trek inside Muscat. For example the path "C38" is a 2hours walk in the mountains, but it starts and finishes in the city. It is very suprising for somebody coming from Paris to discover such preserved area inside a capital.

The path offers also very nice views on the city

Note : you can do this trek yourself refering to the trek number C38 in the Oman trekking explorer guide

Sunday, January 21

Oman secret beaches

If you like hiking out of the pathes, or if you have a boat, you may be able to find little cove like this one in the video.

Tuesday, January 16

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Saturday, January 13

Intercontinental Hotel

The Intercontinental is one of the luxury hotels of Muscat (with The Chedi and the Crowne plaza). From outside it looks like a big bunker made of concrete, but from inside the feeling is different : it is luxuous, smart and the roof made of wood is great

(image taken from the Intercont. website)

The facilities of the hotel is the most interesting part. Intercont is the only hotel (except maybe for the al bustan ?) having 2 swimming pools (one leisure and one regular) and the health club is very well equipped. Moreover you have a luxuous jacuzzi/hammam/sauna in the locker room...
If you're not a guest of the hotel you can become a member. The price is a bit expensive but I think the Intercont club is the most appropriate one for the ones who are looking for numerous sport facilities and nice area to relax.

Here are example of prices :
For 1 single person, for 6 monthes : 250 Ryals
For 1 couple, for 6 monthes : 400 Ryals
For a daily entry : 6 Ryals (no daily entry allowed on the weekend)

Personnality I've subscribed to the club and I enjoy very much doing my sports there and just taking sunbath around the leisure swimmingpool on the weekend :)

Monday, January 8

Muscat festival

I've finally found where the muscat festival is taking place, mainly in the Qurn natural park. The festival is from 1st january to 1st february. To have all the details about events and places it's here : www.muscat-festival.com (english) (site not working with firefox).

I've only been to Qurn natural park for the moment. It is a big place full of people (mainly omani). There are several interesting events, such as the traditional omani village, country souks, ...

Unfortunately i did not have my camera with me but i will publish later pictures and text about this festival.

Sunday, January 7

The Chedi

The Chedi is one of the four main luxury hotels of Muscat with the Hyatt, The Intercontinental, the Al Bustan and The Crown plazza. The Chedi is a bit off-center (if you consider that the Hyatt/Intercontinental are the center of Muscat) but it is definetely the most "stylish" of these luxury hotels (and the most expensive ? I don't know)

The swimming pool with its black tiled floor is very nice.

The beach is a private beach with deckchairs very design.

The drawback is that you cannot access the hotel facilities if you're not a guest, meanwhile there is a visitor access to other hotel (generally for 6Ryals/day/person).

Friday, January 5

Coconut scrapping

What is this hole in the wall of the Lulu supermarket ? It is a "coconut scrapping" desk. It means you can cut the coconut you've just bought in pieces. I've nerver seen such a service in the french supermarket.

Tuesday, January 2


Mutrah is a district of Muscat. It is located near the port. Its point of interest are the souk and the park. In the park is a very big incense pot

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