Sunday, April 1

Trekking in Wadi Mistall (Jebel Ahkdar)

2 hours from Muscat is Wadi Mistall (4x4 car is needed). Here you can make a 2 days loop trek in eastern Ahkdar.

This trek is very difficult because the mountain is very high (2000m), very steep and there are a lot of difficult passages. And you have to bring a lot of water and food which makes you carrying heavy bags.

The trek is 2 days long : We've started the trek at 8.30am and we were back the day after at 3.30pm ! So this trekk is generally recommanded to experienced trekkers. But we aren't expert trekkers and we did it ! so you can do it as well I think, you just need a good motivation.

Note : you can do this trek yourself refering to the trek numbers w25, W24a, w24b in the Oman trekking explorer guide


  1. WOW,,,

    I am gona get that book!!!

    Nice shots & trips you have here,,, Gona be under ur foot steps

  2. hey vous etes devenus de vrai aventuriƩs


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