Friday, April 20

Hi-tech prices

Now that I know the Muscat City Center, I realise that high-tech product prices are more interesting here in Oman than in France. For example I've compared prices with the famous shop in France "la Fnac":

  • Ipod 2 Gb : 140€ in Oman (69OMR), 160€ in France
  • Ipod 30 Gb : 230€ in Oman (115OMR), 280€ in France
  • laptop Toshiba A120-189 : 790€ in Oman (395OMR), 900€ in France
I really hesitate to buy this laptop, but the keyboard is "qwerty" :(


  1. If you are talking about buying stuff from Carrefour, so don't do that. They don't have support!!

  2. It is funny, because in France Carrefour is knwon to have a very good support level :)

  3. salut bon j espere que tous va bien pour vous bises tomate

  4. Hi,
    I found your blog by chance and got interested , because I am interested in moving to somewhere :) might be Oman.
    I am from Serbia,professor of English language, working with some international NGO for seven years any chances for job there? Any kind of decent jobs..what about salaries , living conditions, living costs etc etc

  5. Hello,

    It is difficult to answer your questions because it depends on people.

    But I'll give you my opinion :
    - there are a lot of english schools here, but also lot of english teachers. I think you could find a job easily but I don't know about the salaries. I'll try to search info and I'll make a post about this.
    - living conditions are very good in Oman, especially if you have a family. prices are not very expensive (compare to France), omani people are friendly and tolerant, there is no traffic...

    But you should precise your question and I'll answer them.

  6. HI it is very intersteing

    i am interested to move to Oman
    i have exp in hardware and networking

    how is the job vacancies for networking people, hw is the living cost

    PLS give me the reply

    THANK U............


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