Sunday, April 29


Seeb is a small town at the limit of Muscat. It is 15 minutes away from the airport. the main road is surrounded with a lot of small shops and restaurants. the beach is not far from the center and nicely set out.

I currently work in Seeb at the moment. Hopefully there is also a lulu supermarket where I can spend some times shopping for my leisure.


  1. As-Seeb is apart of Wilayat(state) Seeb, & its not small at all, talking about the town & wilayat.

    There is no Lulu there as I know. But, Carrefour is close, plus Sultan.

  2. Nightface!!!
    there is a lulu center in seeb, it is at the old burj market!!!

    sorry Flotaz I cant view the pics,,,

    good that you loved seeb, I have been raised there!!! hope you enjoy your stay there!!!

  3. Aha, I haven't been there for quite some time now :p

  4. As Red Dragon stated, there is a Lulu Hypermarket in Seeb. BUT, I donno how to describe where is it exactly. lol

    Ask people in Seeb, they will guide you. Omanis and friendly and will always offer you help.

  5. To go to Lulu you can try the following :

    Stay on the main highway when you passed the exit for Seeb and Al-Khoud (i think the direction is Sohar). Then take the second small exits on the right. at the roundabout take left and here you are !

  6. There's also the place called wholesale foods or something ? I think it's on the 2nd or 3rd roundabout out of town in the direction of Sohar after the airport - better value than the in-town markets.

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