Wednesday, March 28

Yitti sunset

Yitti is a wonderfull beach, 30min away from Muttrah. With the Oman off-road guide book it is very easy to find. The place is so huge that you feel like you're alone on the beatch. I recommend you to bring a picnic and to stay half a day in Yitti. You can do snorkelling close to the rocks at high tide.


  1. Nice Shot !!! when do you start flickr's migration of all that stuff

  2. Man I love your website! :D
    I have been visiting on and off but never left a comment before! :P

    I am adding your blog to my bloggers list, if you don't mind ...

    You know, you can collect the writings you have here and write a book and make money out of it!

    I would like to help in writing the book :)
    Experience nil! loool! I am just interested in the money! :P

  3. I'm thinking of coming to Muscat to teach English at the University.....

    Keep writing. It's wheting my appetite...


    London, Uk.

  4. WOW,,, Miss Yitti!!!

    sure brings back memorries,,,

  5. putain c est beau !!!!!!!!


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