Monday, April 9


Carrefour is a well-known french hypermarket. It is amusing for a french to see the differences between a Carrefour in France and a Carrefour in Oman. For example, in France there wouldn't be room of prayer in the supermarket :

Also, there wouldn't be a cash counter dedicated to women :

Except these little cultural differences, we were very happy to find french products in this Carrefour : "formage", "compote", and also some kind of "baguette".


  1. The prayer room is not inside Carrefour section, as I can tell from the picture.

  2. Hey, well..I live in Doha..which is in the Gulf. We do not have a cash counter for women in carrefour..or anywhere...that's shocking.

  3. sheeeet I lived in Oman for 4 years and didn't see the counter for woman! argh so much time wasted!

    good that you love oman it is a wonderful place!

  4. It exists the only sad thing is that its not really followed by customers you oftenly see man there too pretending to be husbands of the ladies in front.

    Same with a cash counter for ten items or less,no one folows it either.
    Since we the people are to dumb to follow such simple rules, its upto the hypermarket or the tellers to be strict with us and refuse to ofer service if we have more then 10 items.


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