Friday, April 27

Hot water

The temperature this days is becoming really hot in Oman. One unexpected consequence is that cold faucet gives boiling water ! This is because water tank are placed on the roofs of the buildings and it heats with the sun...

Pretty annoying when you want to take a shower or brush your teeth. The solution to this problem is simple but surprising : you have to switch-off your water heater, and use the hot faucet to get colder water. Actually, with this method the water is cooling down in the water heater during the day.


  1. Interesting!
    We are used to switch the water heater off almost all year long that i have not noticed the water is getting cooled down in the water heater.

    However, i still have not noticed the water coming hot neither from the cold faucet nor the hot one. Maybe our water tank is well isolated?!

    another trick is to cover the water tank with a thick blanket.. the sun is not going to affect it much :)

  2. Water heater is used only from october to march maximum


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