Monday, April 2

Oman trekking explorer

I've been able to make all these treks thanks to the Oman trekking explorer guide. You can find it in almost all the libraries of Muscat. This book describes where to start the treks, how long is the walk, the difficulties, ands so on...

I think this book is a "must have", as well as the Oman off-road explorer.


  1. I am gona get this BOOK as soon as I am back in Oman,,,

    didnt know such book existed,,,

  2. Bought it, and trying to convince my family on trekking in Jebel Akdhar now.

  3. This book is what I need because it's perfect knowing where to start the treks, how long is the walk and other issues we could find, excellent I'll buy it because I love doing those activities.m10m


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