Tuesday, April 10

Muscat city center

"Muscat city center" is known as the biggest and the luxuous mall in Muscat. Despite its name, it is not localised at the center of Muscat but after the Seeb airport. I have to say that I've been impressed but the width and the crowd in this mall.

And I've found a lot of intersting shops (including the Carrefour), especially for clothes (here below Mango & NEXT shops). My wife too and it has cost me a lot :(


  1. I am glad u like it!!!


    All women r the same!!!

  2. je reconnais bien là, ton sens aiguisé de l'économie ;)

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  4. ok its a nice mall and everything but the Carfore supermarket does not have soy free or glutin free products why they are not doing something about this??? alot of people in oman need this stuff cause alot of them have alergies from this productas...

  5. I guess it is because carrefour is a french brand, and in France we have this problem : no soy free nor gluten free products are available, I mean nowhere, even if more and more people are allergic. Thus Carrefour is not familiar with this poblem and doesn't propose this kind of products.


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