Friday, December 8

Lulu supermarket

The next morning was still hard, with “what I am doing here ?” ideas. But got better at the office after my first coffee. My company has given me a car, it’s cool. And also a flat. The flat is very ok but it is located in south “al khuwair” near the office and I would prefer to be somewhere more nice looking.

Also my first visit to the supermarket Lulu at night. It was a very suprising moment. Since I arrived in Oman I thought there were only small/medium shops without a lot of “cachet”. But I arrived in front of this giant building with neons evrywhere. The parking is made of sand and rocks. It is like a giant LasVegas warhouse in the desert.

Inside, the supermarket was very luxuous with all the products you can imagine. Also the refreshing sensation of overcrowed places. A big mix of people inside : Omani people, Indians, chinese and occidentals. Good to see you are not the only occidental here. Good to see also that only Omani women are wearing the veil. Also It was good to make shopping again. As a well conditionned man, I was happy to get back in touch with consumption. Here is a sample of my shopping :


  1. Oh my God what is that macaroni
    You must buy Italian !!!
    You will find pasta zara everywhere and Buitoni which is the best in al Fair Sarooj
    White tunics are called disdasha
    Not only Omani women wear veil also Italian Muslims like me :-)
    Joking, I know what you mean : Oman is a free country, no muttawa here

  2. Very bad service in all respects . DOnt buy any branded footwear or watches

  3. i am afsal.i am an indian .on at morning i visit the shop that is very attractive infrastructure.i am very happy about the customer service system in lulu.thanks lulu

  4. I didn't know it but the Omani people were among the first people to embrace Islam and this is an interesting point about it, anyway... those products are great, I'd love to live there because I adore the supermarket. 23jj

  5. i was wondering although its a very big supermarket but they dont have Soy free or gluten free products for peopl who have alergeis, why they dont start a new rack or a special corner for this products???

  6. 23rd Feb 2012
    Dear Sir/Madam
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