Sunday, March 4

Trekking in Wadi bani Khalid / Tiwi (Eastern Hajar)

the original trek is 14 hours long and starts from Wadi bani Khalid to Wadi Tiwi.

In our case we improvised a good little trekk in the Wadi Bani Khalid it self. It was more a climbing trip than a trek but still fun !

And the advantage of bani khalid is that you can finish with a nice swim in the fresh water of the wadi.

Note : you can do this trek yourself refering to the trek number E35 in the Oman trekking explorer guide


  1. WOW,,,


    I think we should hook up once I am back in Oman,,,

    Have you been in Snake gourge!!!

    It is on the road between Rustaq & Nizwa!!! you gona like it,,, but you need to go there with people who had been there it is quite dangourse

  2. Awesome post, Im a huge fan of the saga, the last movie when Spock is young is amazing, not the best of the saga, but pretty good enough.

  3. dude what happen with the pictures??? it dissapeared, I mean you removed from the post of for some stupid reason my computer don't want to load it.


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