Wednesday, February 28

Petrol price

Let's see the cost of 50 liters of petrol in Oman : 6 Ryals (12€) ! i think this is just great :)


  1. Petrol in Oman is too cheap compared with other countries.

    One liter of petrol in Oman costs 120 Baisas [about $0.35] .. Quite great.

  2. My sister said she'd move here only for that :p

  3. ^ Exactly .. It's cheaper than water.

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  5. Well actually more expensive then water. In Saudi Arabia one liter of water is around 1.3 American dollars whereas the petrol is around 12 cents per liter. Which means you can get around 9 liters of petrol for the same money as 1 litre of water.

    So fifty liters of petrol will cost around 2.05 Omani Riyals in Saudi Arabia.

  6. No not really .. oman fuel more expensive than neibouring countries , though being stable for a long period of time..never the less.... supplies are diminshing ... Oman oil wells are severly running empty !!!!!

  7. Hello,
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  8. In US we call ourselves the best country on earth .Sorry not at this price of gas .
    Here one gallon is % 4.00 . SHIT

    I need to move to saudi NOW NOW TONIGHT.


    1. What $ 4.00 , oh no my friend i am in california , and here the gas price for one gallon is a little over $ 5.00

      I also need to move to saudi arabia NOW , yes, me too NEED to move tonight .

      Unemployment is sky high , people are staying on food stamps given by the government so that they do not start begging on the road side . 40 million are on food stamps, and NO medical insurance .........Please get me a job in saudi arabia .
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