Sunday, March 25


The CFO, i.e. "Centre Franco-Omanais", is a organization promoting cultural exchanges between France and Oman. Its principal purpose is to offer french and Arab lessons. I've personnality went to a 3 monthes arab session (for 45 Ryals) and it was very good.

The CFO also organizes cultural events, such as the short-movies festival currently held everyday at 19h30 till the 27 mars. You can watch a fine selection of short movies from the 2007 "festival du court m├ętrage de Clermont-Ferrand" for free ! and all the movies are subtitles in english so everybody is welcome. You can download the program of the festival here


  1. French is hard ... I got 15/50 in my exam

  2. Hi! Do you no someone who could give private lessons of french here in Muscat? I´m brazilian and I´m looking for a teacher here. Merci

  3. Hi, you should go to the CFO and ask for private lessons. There is also a french association there that should be able to find you a private teacher.

  4. Hi

    Actually I am an expat here and am looking to teach french to some people who wants to learn.
    I am about to become a french teacher soon and it would be a great occasion for me.
    It would be very great if u accept this comment, like this some people could go on my blog and get my email address later :

    Thank u very much

  5. I think another companies and institutions should promote this kind of events with the aim help people who really need our support.


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