Thursday, August 23

On holiday again

I'm going on holidays again to Paris until September 3th and I will eat a lot of "croissant". Meanwhile you can read, or reread, the most popular categories of my blog :

  1. cost of living : discover how much you need to live in Oman if you come in expatriation.
  2. expat thoughts : what have been my interesting thoughts living as an expat in Oman so far...
  3. supermarket : it seems a lot of people are looking for information about Oman supermarket in google and often they reach my blog
  4. restaurants and food : discover some of the restaurants I've tested so far in Muscat (I need to complete this category after my vacations with the Golden spoon, the Tomatoes...)
  5. tourism - places to visit : this is the definitive category to know what to visit in Oman. But I recommand you wait the winter to visit these places...

1 comment:

  1. I dont believe that I just heard about this blog today!

    Amazing blog about Oman. It's nice to see exoats interests here.

    I also have a blog of Oman and mine is about how the Omani's view Oman. hehe.. So you can say that it's pritty much the other half of this blog.

    Anyways, great great blog. I will deffinetly be reading your blog to help me understand how people from the outside see us.



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