Friday, February 16

Ghala golf club

Ghala golf club is located in Muscat, near Sultan Qaboos sport complex, and in front of the Majan Hotel. It is a "Brown" golf, which means that there is no grass and people are playing on a brown ground.

Membership is about 100Ryals for the year or you can pay your "Brown fees" 5 Ryals for the 18holes. No so expensive compared to France.


  1. If you are interested in Golf, maybe you should wait for the one of The WAVE, I guess it will be an international class.

    This might take a couple of years! :p

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  4. Ghala Golf Club now has 9 green holes and the back 9 will be ready in mid 2012. The course is extremely good and I really enjoyed playing on it. Membership fees for 2012 are RO600 for full membership.

  5. Ghala Golf Club now has a new website:


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