Thursday, February 8

A small daily annoyance

A surprising fact about Oman compared to France, is the habit they have to use many electrical switches in their houses... In the picture above, you have a switch for :
- bathroom lamp
- bathroom ceiling lamp
- bathroom fan
- bathroom water heater
- bedroom ceiling lamp 1
- bedroom ceiling lamp 2
- bedroom ceiling lamp 3
- bedroom fan
- bedroom Air Conditionning
This thing can be a little bit irritating as you can waste a lot of time in a day trying to light a room by swithcing all the buttons. In France, you would have very less switches, as a switch would correspond to every lamp of a room, plus usually there are no fan or AC, and the water heater would not have a switch (always on).


  1. here in Oman they always want you to have many choices, that's why!! :p :p

  2. why dont you put stickers on the switches telling your what refers to what?

    Fantastic blog by the way. I'm thinking of moving to Oman for a job and your blog has given me a fantastic insight to the country and it's culture. Very helpful for my interview too.

  3. I love it!!

    I had the same feeling the first time I moved in a villa where I am living in.
    Ur blog is great and gave me a pretty good idea of where I am.
    I am a new expat in that country and can't wait to see more...

    Take care


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