Saturday, December 30


Nakhal is 1/2hour ago from Barka. It is localised in a palm grove and there is a hot spring spot. The city is just beautiful.

There is also a fort in Nakhal much more interesting than the one in Barka because it is bigger, and all the rooms are presented with traditional fourniture than you can touch. You feel like a real Omani living in the fort.

Moreover, there are not much tourist (we were almost alone in the forts). so it is very pleasant to feel like you're among the very first to discover the country.


  1. Salut à toi,

    Tu fais quoi à Muscat ?
    Moi j'y ai vécu un an et demi, je suis rentré en décembre 2005 à la capitale et le retour fût très très difficile.


  2. je travaille pour Omantel, pour Capgemini France. Je bosse du coté d'Al-khuwayr. Il est vrai que la vie ici est assez plaisante je me demande comment je prendrai le retour à Paris ...

  3. I really fancied your beautiful photos and it seems to me you have not stopped crusing the country from the day your plane landed in Muscat! Incridble effort which is highly appreciated! Welcome to Oman and enjoy your stay;)

  4. Hi,
    We are planning of shifting to Oman by April and i found your articles very interesting.I am an outdoor person and was taking down places to visit in Oman.
    Keep up the good work.:0)

  5. hiiii....

    thanks for portraying such a beautiful image of this awesome nation to the rest of the world..
    having stayed in Oman for 15 years and now in another part of the Middle East , I really miss Oman..because there are some things that ONLY Oman can promise....

    Rimna Rasheed

  6. I dont drive and would love to visit Nakhal .can anyone help me are there any buses from muscat or shared taxis and what about hotels in Nakhal are there a few ,If anyone can help please contact me on I am looking forward so much to your beautiful country . Please try amd help me ,thanks a million ,.

  7. there is also a nice for near to Nakhl - Awabi. The forts at Rustaq and Al Hazm are still closed


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