Sunday, December 24


If you're coming to Oman and are worried that you won't be able to buy alcohol once in the country, here is little info :
- you can drink every alcohol you like in the hotels bars
- At the aeroport, just after you bought your visa but before you get out of the arrival room, you have a duty-free where you can buy 2 bottles of your choice.
- Once you have your resident card, you can seek a sponsorship for getting a license to buy alcohol. Then you will be able to buy alcohol in the dedicated shops of Muscat.


  1. and if you need more you pay an Indian and he will get it to you
    Anyway next week is our Eid so bars are closed, better you make big supplies ...

  2. if i go by land from dubai to oman is it possible to drop by in duty free to bbuy alcohol or the passengers from the plane only has the privelage to buy alcohol from duty free?

  3. wow! this is crazy good!! I love the information, I commend them for the idea. Thank you. Keep posting....


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