Friday, January 26

Dune bashing

Dune bashing refers to an activity you can practice only in the desert, with a big 4x4. It is simple, ride the dune as you were riding a wave for a surfer.

It is very difficult, this is why most of the time the guide or a bedouine are driving the car, but it is really fun : you feel like you are going to crash every minute, or you think that the car will turn over. But the major risk remains to get stuck in the sand.

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  1. Hi.. do you have any contacts for Dune Bashing in Oman? Its easy to find in Dubai.. but not so in oman. Ive been to the resorts and the trips seem really expensive there, so was looking for a local who could take us without the resort taking a slice of our money as well.

    (also if you know anyplace that needs an experienced web designer / producer then i am looking for a job in Muscat! steve(at) )



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