Saturday, January 13

Intercontinental Hotel

The Intercontinental is one of the luxury hotels of Muscat (with The Chedi and the Crowne plaza). From outside it looks like a big bunker made of concrete, but from inside the feeling is different : it is luxuous, smart and the roof made of wood is great

(image taken from the Intercont. website)

The facilities of the hotel is the most interesting part. Intercont is the only hotel (except maybe for the al bustan ?) having 2 swimming pools (one leisure and one regular) and the health club is very well equipped. Moreover you have a luxuous jacuzzi/hammam/sauna in the locker room...
If you're not a guest of the hotel you can become a member. The price is a bit expensive but I think the Intercont club is the most appropriate one for the ones who are looking for numerous sport facilities and nice area to relax.

Here are example of prices :
For 1 single person, for 6 monthes : 250 Ryals
For 1 couple, for 6 monthes : 400 Ryals
For a daily entry : 6 Ryals (no daily entry allowed on the weekend)

Personnality I've subscribed to the club and I enjoy very much doing my sports there and just taking sunbath around the leisure swimmingpool on the weekend :)


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  2. can you recommend any cheaper alternative to this?


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