Tuesday, December 12

Easy food

One of the greatest benefit of Oman is the price of the food. Restaurants are cheap, just as "take away" food. Here is an example of a single man take-away meal :

Two delicious libanese sandwitches and a freshy fruit juice is only 1,400 Ryals, which is equivalent to 3€ !!!!

Another example here for the ones more used to occidental fast-food :

KFC family menu (4people) is only 7 Ryals, which is about 14€ (so it is 3,5€ per person again).

I haven't pictures from restaurant, but it is approximatively the same prices and some places are just very nice.

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  1. You should have entiltled your post : "Junk Food only". But you're right, at least junk is cheap...


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