Tuesday, June 19

Summer activities in Oman

From May to September, temperature and humidity become very high in the Sultanate. Outdoor activities , such as tourism or trekking, are not possible anymore. You have to make do with indoor activities, such as :

  1. Intercontinental club, where you can use the swimming pool, squash courts and gym room.
  2. cinema, one of my favourite activities for the moment during the summer
  3. shoppings in highly air-conditionned malls
  4. Going to Dubaï, which I've planned to do this month
  5. tv, of course...
  6. restaurant and pubs with your friends
  7. ice rink, but the one in Muscat is a bit dilapidated and expensive
  8. and I guess a lot of expats just go back to their country for the summer when it is possible.

Any suggestion I could add to this list ?


  1. Yeah, camping on Jebel Akhdar. Free and coool...

  2. Family: Visit the Shangrila adventure zone

    Bowling in Shatti, Mesa Mall

    Busy Bees and Little Town for youngsters

    Nizwa (2 hr drive) to Al Hoota Caves

  3. Love camping. Great blog. Really enjoyed it!


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