Friday, June 8

Cyclone is gone

The Cyclone which has reached Muscat yesterday is gone now. The winds have not been so strong but the rains have been heavy ! Severe floodings made a lot of damages :

  • numerous cars have been crashed by the waters
  • some roads have been destroyed
  • there is no more running water
  • in some area there is no more electricity
Considering these damages, and the army helicopters flying over muscat, it gives a bit the feeling to be in a state of war. Hopefully the situation should get better this week.

(just before the cyclone)

Here is some picture I took. There are no so impresive because my area has not been hit too badly. I will publish later on pictures from friends who have been less lucky.

(after the cyclone)

(the beach doesn't exist anymore)


  1. the cyclone has gone.. but the pain and grief hasn't...

    muscat is not muscat anymore.. it'd take months or maybe years to rebuild it..

    49 were killed and 30 missing :(..

  2. Damn I hate natural disasters... I'm lucky I guess that in my country this never happend, yet...

  3. Fortunately I never live something like this and I don't want to either way... at least I know what to do in a case like this, thanks.


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