Saturday, June 9

Cars damaged by floodings

Here are some pictures of cars damaged by floodings :


  1. c est un putain de choa chez vous bon courage

  2. Hello and thanks for the photos -- I hope you are coping well through this calamity. It is difficult to determine via the limited news coverage, which is focused mainly on energy output, as well as the government propaganda, just how bad the situation is there. We were planning a 3-day stopover in Oman on our way back to London from Karachi in early July. How much better do you think things will get in the next two weeks? Do you recommend that we simply choose another destination? Is the situation in Nizwa just as bad?

    Thanks and good luck

  3. In my area (Al-khuwayr, in Muscat) everything is back to normal : we have electricity, water, there is no visible damages...

    But in other areas, there ara roads damages. Some hotels are open without damage (Intercontinental hotel), some other will stay close for monthes (the chedi).

    So i think it depends on what you want to do during your stay in Oman. If you've planned to rent a 4x4 and to travel accross the counrty, I don"t think it is a good idea at the moment, beacuse a lot of roads could be damaged in the countryside.


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