Thursday, June 14

Tv in Oman

I've just got back TV signal, since the parabolic antenna has been damaged 2 weeks ago by the cyclone. I've thought it could be interesting for the futur expats to describe what is TV like here in Oman.

So basically you have access to 999 channels, coming from different satellites : hotbird, nilesat, arabsat. Half of these channels are free, but the major ones are not (MTV, CNN, HBO, ESPN, TF1, M6).
available channels are american, english, french, italian, chinese...

But for a french expat like me, here is the list of the channels I watch:

  • Dubai one : The latest movies and series (firends, scrubs...) in english (arabic subtitles).
  • MBC 2 : Same than Dubai one
  • MBC 4 : Same than Dubai one
  • Euronews : News in europe
  • Arte : Cultural french channel.
  • BFM TV : News in France. I stick to it
  • TV5 Europe : Programmes from french, belgium and canadian TV
  • TV5 France : Programmes from french TV
  • NRJ12 : French music channel with famous series like "baywatch" :)
  • NT1 : Basically K2000 in french all day long
  • Fashion TV arabia : Fashion TV, but without lingerie.
Apart from these channels, there is nothing very interesting. Maybe you could find one or two other interesting channels depending on your parabolic antenna configuration, but not so much I think.


  1. Now don't tell me in France mtv or cnn are for free please

  2. A friend just told me that MTV France and Canal+ (non-scrambled programmes) could be available too for free.

  3. maybe CNN is no free in France, but MTV is.

  4. I guess CNN is free for now.

    You can't really say this is the TV in Oman, because these channels are linked to satellites where you can almost find them everywhere.

    Anyways, myself I don't watch much of TV, except for sports, movies & sitcoms.

  5. Is there any Omany specific channel or as Nightface says just international ones?
    Do they make their own soap?
    Is there a "the expert in Oman"? ;)

  6. I know there is a Oman channel, but i don't watch it a lot as the program are in arabic.

    I think they do their own soap. But it seems that this channel has not a lot of budget, so don't expect to see the "experts in oman" as you say :)

  7. Oman has two channels & all are in Arabic. The first channel broadcasts the news in English for something like 30 minutes everyday. They show English movies/sitcoms.

    The government runs these two channels.

    The permission to start private TV channels & radios been given lately, so expect to see a channel that broadcasts in English.

  8. Hi - I am planning a move to Muscat shortly from Dubai ,and wanted to know how does one go about buying satellite tv there? Are there service providers like Orbit or Pehla there, or does one have to buy their own dish ? Pls share your experiences with me..

  9. Hello,

    most of the buildings are already equipped with satellite dish. You can install your own dish if you want, and you can even find hacked decode to get all channels free ! Just go in Ruwi and you'll find everything you need ;)

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  11. how much do i have to pay if i want to watch some good international chalnels in oman?

  12. not much. You just have to give few extra bucks to get a hacked decoder at the shop

  13. I can't believe that great cable companies charged to us all that money, you know that all the channels are in the air, and the only thing we need is a good anthena.


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