Saturday, December 16

Oman Flooded

Today I've visited one of the big Malls of Al-Qurm, and as i was going out of the mall to get back home I've been very suprised : the all place was flooded !
The rain did not been heavy during the day in Muscat but I think it had rained a lot in the rest of the country and the "Wadi" came suddently out of its riverbed.

I've talked with a Omani guy who told me it was the first time he've seen this happening.

I had to walk back to the mall with dirty water to my knees, then I've been stucked 4hours in the mall. I had the feeling to be in the movie "the army of the dead". hopefully, I find a colleague in the mall and we've stayed sit in a coffee waiting fot the road to be open.

Well, that's not the knid of situation i was expecting to deal with coming in Oman !

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