Tuesday, July 10

Online yellow pages in Oman ?

I have to say that a surprising thing about Oman, for a expatriate like me, is that there isn't any online yellow pages here (such as a yellowpages.com, or a pagesjaunes.fr)...

I use the online yellow pages all the time when I'm in France : to find a restaurant, a doctor or any company addresses. These kind of website gives you phone numbers and addresses of the corresponding companies, but it also shows you the location of the company on a map (like in maps.google.com).

Here when you looking for something you have to ask your neighbour ! and if he doesn't know where to find a Japanese restaurant for example you have to take your car and drive around the city looking for it ! Fortunately there are some tourist guide book that can help you to find a phone number but it is always very difficult (impossible?) to find how to drive to the address. Maybe it is because there isn't any detailed map of Muscat neither...

Update : I've been informed by my dear readers that there is actualy a online yellow pages in Oman : www.omantel-yellowpages.com. However, as there still isn't any detailed map of Muscat (online or paper), the utility of such website is reduced, because when you want to go to the address you have to phone the company and try to understand the location information...


  1. Good point. Maybe the authorities concerned would take that into consideration.

  2. In Oman you must live with the spirit and take the positive side :
    this problem can be solved by asking your collegues or to the taxi driver or the watchman
    This will enhance your social life
    You learned Arabic so it should be easy, for Hindi just use the italian way with hands
    I remember to have seen yellow pages in hotels but outdated

  3. Maybe this will help, try calling 1318 -OmanTel- to ask for a particular place phone number, then call that place and get the directions. This sometimes works with me.

  4. Hi Flotaz,
    great blog. good info but .....
    No on-line Yello pages in Oman?

    Try this link! it is of Omantel


    PS. I am planning to visit Oman in the next future. Question: is there any sailing?, marinas?
    I have a 14 m. sailing boat and would love to bring it to Muscat.

  5. You're right ! I didn't find it. Nevertheless, there is still no Muscat detailed map available to drive to a location...

    I know that there is a marinas, but i haven't seen a lot of sailing (mainly motor boat)

  6. Hey,

    Maybe this site will be of some help to you.


    Raghu Varma B

  7. We have an annual book that contains the yellow pages, I’m not so sure on how you may get one although I’m getting plenty of them each year from relatives who work on the telecom industry. I recommend you to follow the suggestions above for they might help you in seeking directions and so on.

  8. For maps on Muscat try these two links.




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  10. You can obtain the telephone directory of the year 2006 along with the yellow pages in a CD-ROM, follow this page: http://www.omantel-yellowpages.com/getcd.htm

  11. I had a very urgent DHL delivery from Brunei that needed to go to an address in Ghala industrial area, so I emailed them detailed instructions from the Ghala roundabout and three aerial photos from Google Earth at different magnitudes with the actual route marked on the most detailed shot, and finally I gave them the exact latitude and longitude of the warehouse in Ghala. The next morning (CRITICAL delivery should have arrived day before) I got a call on my mobile at 6am..."Helooooo? Where near offis ? Which restaurant near ? Near KFC ?" Sheeesh....you can take a horse to water.....

    Narese - http://www.igy-banderalrowdha.com/

  12. Is it online maps that you are looking for? Somebody recommended http://www.map24.org to newsbriefsoman.

    I've certainly been able to get down to street level in Muscat.

    Of course, there is an excellent gazetteer of Muscat which you should find in all bookshops. Ann Malin has spent many years putting it together and refining it.

    I just re-examined Google maps. For some reason, much of the satellite imagery of Muscat has reverted to extremely poor resolution format. But you won't get street names.

  13. you're right ! www.om.map24.com provides a very good level of details ! This is exaclty what I was looking for :)
    But the street names are really up-to-date (my street is not well represented) but it is ok. Now Omantel should link his Yellowpages to this online map and it will be great :)

    I will check also the "gazetteer", but so far I didn't find any detailed map of Muscat...

  14. Additionally, you can view street level maps at http://www.mapquest.com/


  15. hi this is nice way to finding the detail of companies in oman or another country.

    if you want to know more about qatar companies detail so please visit http://www.yellowpageqatar.com

  16. For maps on Muscat try these two links.

    Business Dictionary


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