Wednesday, July 4

Café Barbera

Café Barbera is a relaxing place where you can get a drink or eat something. The interior is very elaborate (you have big sofas like in the "Friends" TV program), the menu is international (food is very good i have to say), and the staff is very devoted.

But there is no rose without a thorn : you have to spend at least 2,5 Rials for a meal, and 1,5 Rials for a juice.

This Café is located just next to the Shati plaza.


  1. I liked the place. The food was ok. The prices weren't too bad. What made me never go again was the smoking. The place is tiny and yet they allow smoking, so even if there was one person smoking at the other end of the cafe it still suffocates you. I'm not planning to go again.

  2. Considering the location, I think the prices might be acceptable.

  3. This cafe is the new cafe on the building of Shatti Plaza?

    Since when is it open? How on earth did I notice that today and yesterday? =s .. I've been to the movies yesterday and also today and didn't notice this thing..

    That's really bad. I wish I read this post before going there today so I could try it out and review it.

  4. yes this café is opened for a month actually :)

  5. Bonjour,

    Bravo pour votre blog, ca me rappelle des souvenirs puisque j'ai habite pas tres tres loin au Qtar il y a 10 ans ( j'en ai 15, ca a bien change), et pour l'anecdote, mes parents ont vecu egalement a Bahrein et a Dubai ou ils fut la premiere et seule famille francaise a l'epoque (:))) )

    Vous etes partis pour quoi ?

    Ps: J'ai des problemes d'accents avec mon ordi,

    Pierre de La Touche

  6. Bonjour,

    je travaille sur un projet telecom à long-terme avec l'opérateur de telephonie fixe ici. Il y a d'ailleurs de plus en plus de français ici avec des projet pour le pétrole et le gaz...

  7. I use to work this place, the management is not good and they treat staff as slave I would advice not go this sort place.

  8. still working with the cafe........

  9. Hi Anonymous,

    I am working on a MBA project, which is on franchise operations. My project is about coffee-shop cum restaurant. Can you help me with few statistics on No of clients per day (weekdays/weekends) and average spending per client. (just a rough figure)



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