Tuesday, July 24

Public holiday in Oman

It is kind of unusual how the vacation holidays are defined in Oman. Usually you hear about incoming public holidays, but you don't know about the exact dates. Then, only few days before, the Sultan defines officially the date of the incoming public holidays.

For example, yesterday was the "Renaissance Day" celebrating the day the Sultan has acceded to power. But we only had the confirmation of the date last saturday !

Here is the next supposed public holidays for 2007 :

  • 13/14 October Eid al Fitr

  • 18 November National Day and HM Sultan Qaboos's birthday

  • 22/23 December Eid ul Adha (Feast of the sacrifice)


  1. The national day will be on the 18th of November.

    Deciding the holiday depends on which day it falls into.

  2. ok, thanks for the info.

    that's just funny for me because in France you can plan the excact dates of the public holidays for the 10 forthcoming years.

  3. ^^ I can imagine that! That what I was thinking while reading your post ... I was thinking that you guys must have pre-defined dates for all your holidays.

    It's worth mentioning that the Renaissance Day will be on the 23rd of July, a one day holiday. This was mentioned in a royal decree by his majesty the Sulatan.

    Actually this year was the starting point and in all the coming years, it will be the same :)

  4. You must follow oman news agency
    Renaissance was given in weekend but at least on one day you could be sure, people were unsure if more cause the official holiday is in November
    Eid not sure when starting cause of the moon but those are the days

  5. You can use this international site for official holidays
    As soon as the government communicates them, they publish the days

  6. ... you may also consult www.bank-holidays.com

  7. There's Prophet Muhammad pbuh bday in August
    Is on Friday the 10th so maybe they'll give sat off

  8. Dude, the holiday of the Renaissance Day was declared on Wednesday the 18th of July. Plus, I guess it is more than reasonable to declare the holidays one week before they come.

    Regarding the National Day holiday, it doesn't fall on the same day of the National Day; 18th of November. The National Day holiday is usually in the end of November, either two days in the end of the week plus the weekend, or the weekend + two days of the beginning of the week. It is usually announced one week before the holiday itself.

  9. balqis: The birthday of prophet Muhammed (PBUH) is not in August.. What is in August is the Israa & Mi'raaj day.

    Prophet's birthday was last March or April, I don't remember..

  10. lol dude
    There are things difficult to plan even with a week in advance alert, specially if one is working in private sector and has commercial deals with abroad
    but once you know is in that week, you try to adjust

  11. so we have got the announcment a nice holiday from about 7th


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