Tuesday, July 10

Cost of one meal

I've been asked recently for "what is the typical price of a meal in Oman ?". Well, here is for example what I eat every noon :

  • a greek salad
  • a small portion of pasta
  • yogurt
  • water
  • danao
  • doghnuts (for my tea break)

I've bought these items at Lulu supermarket for a total of.... 1,230 OMR (2,5€) ! The same meal in France would cost at least 7 €.

I'm sure this little info will help futur oman visitors to budget their trip ;)


  1. Hey guys, nice blog! Yup, i totally agree re the decently priced food here in the middle east. I am in Sharjah, UAE and I can have a full meal for AED 7 (i.e. GBP 1 or EUR 1.4) !! Though sadly wine is difficult to come by at all here in Sharjah!

    Came across your blog when I was searching on Oman, as I am very keen to come over and see the countryside, wadis, Salalah, frankincense etc - there seems to be much more culture there than in the UAE (Dubai is entirely man-made and the culture revolves around 5* hotels only).

    My only problem is that I am alone but I hate to travel alone! Do you know of any forum for travel groups to come together for a weekend or so?


  2. Dubai is still more cheap on the food front!

  3. Dubai is still more cheap on the food front!

  4. Wholesale supermarket on left after al Bahja intersection sells 1kg chicken biryani for 500 baisa !

  5. Hey you all. i don't know how long the French gentleman has nbeen away from Oman; but i can say it is not a cheap place. Considering the little choice vailable and low quality of service, it is expensive to get good food, unless you want to either do it yourself (still not cheap), or want to risk your health...Dubai is definitely cheaper on that front.

  6. first of all, i would like to present my great than for the creator of this blog, it is really a pleasure to see your great efforts and accurate information, Thank you Sir, you have earned my respect,

    now dear Kishor and Anonymous(at least you could leave a fake name),


    please go to your city center, and by the same thing and see how much that would cost you,

    Dubai has became insainly expensive as well the rest of the UAE and Gulf, simply because they were not prepared for this financial crisis,

    and now Oman is considered the best place (financially) for living among the GCC countries

    i am not bringing this information from my head, just spend 5 minutes of yahoo or Google search and you will know what i am talking about

    Thanks everyone,


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