Friday, July 27

Muttrah souk

I'm realising that I didn't post yet about the most famous souk of Oman : Muttrah souk. Muttrah is a popular district of Muscat, generally crowded, and near the sea.

The souk is composed of various littles shops, which sell mainly : spices, fabric and clothes, Omani traditional items (like silver coffee pots, Omani knifes called Khanjers), Shishas, incense ...

The souk in itself is very lovely with all its littles passageways and its wooded roof. The sellers are really not agressive compared to other souks I've experienced (in Tunisia for example).

In conclusion I would say that the souk is a nice place for a walk, and you will enjoy visiting it even if you don't buy anything


  1. I heard the souk got really beat up by the hurricane. I'm glad to hear that its still busy and doing well. You're blog is a really great overview of Muscat. I just started working in Oman 6 months ago, I'm in and out of Muscat and this blog is a really good introduction. Thanks!

  2. answering to Selah :
    Thank you very much. I've created this blog precisly to introduce better this country to futur expat and tourism coming in Oman :)

  3. Foltaz,
    Your blog is a treasure trove of everything Oman. For me the pictures of Muttrah souk brings back very old memories of my father walking me in the muttrah souk in the seventies. I was born in Muscat where my father worked as an expatriate for the British Bank of the Middle east. We left the country in mid 80's. The country holds a special place in my heart. I can still feel the aroma of the bakhur(incense) and the taste of Dark brown colored Omani Halwa made of dates in my system. I want to visit this wonderful place again in my lifetime.
    You are doing a wonderful job Foltaz.I sincerely appreciate it.

    - Mukhtar Ahmed

  4. Hi- yeah- great site!
    Hey, do you know the opening/ closing hours/
    I have a visitor for the weekend- what are the changes of it being open for Friday?

  5. Hi there!

    Great page, i've been living in Oman for a year and i love it!

    I really want to visit the Muttrah souk, I was wondering if it is open during Ramadan still?

    Thank you!


  6. Opening hours?
    Closing times?

  7. I like those places that you can get home made thing that taste even better that industrial food and specially the fabric.

  8. It is indeed a great place, very good photos by the way.

  9. This souq is very interesting indeed. The souq gives a clear picture of a traditional Omani way of life as one would find items that are being used in a typical Omani household. For further information, please visit this page


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