Wednesday, May 23

Vacations to France

I'm leaving Oman for a short week of vacation in France. I'll go to Paris and in Bretagne to some friends and family.

So I won't blog untill June 2nd. see you soon !


  1. cool,,,

    take some pics of the shanzaleeh street!!!


  2. Nice! France is one of the country's on the top of my list to be visited! :)

    Actually I am planning to take French courses starting from September 2007 :)

    Oh well, you enjoy your holiday :)

  3. That street with all the nice resturants,,,

  4. Hope you will enjoy in Paris, that's my favorite Place...Glad to see this information being shared and hope to read more from you about Paris :)

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  6. Posts like this will teach me to take a long weekend offline, and off of the newsreader.


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