Sunday, May 13

Jade & Garden : Sushi bar

I realise that I've not spoken much about the restaurants of Muscat. So I've decided to fix this and give you some good addresses in Muscat (from my point of view).

If you like sushi, I recommand you the "Jade & Garden" at the Sheraton Qurum Resort.
Every thursday evening, there is a "all you can eat" sushi bar - with excellent and fresh sushis, sashimis, soups, makis ... And good point also is that the restaurant serves alcohol (I don't recommend you wine by the glass however, but beer is excellent).

Prices are bit expensive : 8,5 Ryals + tax per person. On Wednesday evening, you have also a Seafood "all you can eat" buffet (15 Ryals + tax per person), and on Tuesday evening you have a Asian buffet for 7Ryals per person. But I did not test yet these buffets.


  1. The best sushi in Muscat is at Tokyo Taro restaurant in the Al Falaj Hotel in Ruwi. Have you tried it? Of course not as cheap as the Jade Garden, and no all you can eat buffet.

    The Hyatt also has very good sushi at their Marjan restaurant which is by the pool. But that restaurant only opens during the winter when the weather is good so you'll have to wait till October to try it.

  2. thanks for the tip! I will try to go to Marjan in october (but Tokyo Taro might be to expensive for me it seems)...

  3. A meal at Tokyo Taro usually averages RO. 15 to 20 per person without alcoholic drinks if you order both tapanyaki and sushi. If you go for sushi alone it would probably be less.

  4. my favvie Chinese is in the CCC, and very cheap, sweet and sour crispy chicken and chilli beef, yum!

  5. Is the Sushi still at the "Jade & Garden" cheers Dave

  6. yea it is and still on thursdays


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