Saturday, May 19

D'arcys kitchen

A classic in Muscat. This restaurant serve simple but good quality food. it is located just near the sheraton resort complex (shati Qurm). The most appreciable falicity is the terrasse, which is always full of people (mainly expat people) when it is not too hot (i.e. from november to mars). prices are around 2,5 Ryals.

A good address when you want to eat a excellent club sandwitch, sitting outside, reading some gutter press (available for consultation for free in the restaurant)...


  1. It is a fantastic place, my father i law took me once there, wow, I was amazed with the food.

  2. I have not been at Darcy's Kitchen, but taking into account that picture you posted on here, it seems a nice place to go and eat something good


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