Monday, October 1

Safari pub in Hyatt

The Safari is a bar in the Hyatt complex. Although this place is completely closed presently because of the Ramadan, I write this post to continue my series about nightlife in muscat. You can compare this place to the Al Ghazal pub, but here the decor is more "exotic" as you could expect with such a name.

There is a live band almost every night after 10pm, and some people are dancing. But when the band is playing the sound is way too loud to chat with your friends. I prefer to come to this place after work to have a beer and play pool downstairs. You also have TVs that broadcat sport events or music clips.

Below the Safari pub, there is nightclub called the "Habana Café". And above the Safari pub, on the terrasse, there is the "Grill House Restaurant" which is very good and has a menu with all-you-drink ! I hope to write a post on these places after Ramadan.


  1. I was there last week and I'd really enjoy the band in Safari bar. Nice place to go out for making a party and dance!!

  2. Too many prostitutes. If they would get rid of them the place would be great!!!


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