Saturday, October 6

Grand Hyatt in Muscat

Posting about Safari pub, I realised that I didn't write yet about the Hyatt hotel ! This hotel is one of the top luxury of Muscat. It is located in Shati-Qurm, about half way between the airport and the Ruwi, not far from the Intercontinental hotel.

(photo from Flickr)

In the same way that the Chedi excels in a elegant minimalism design, The Hyatt excels in a exuberant Arabic style ! The main lobby is just impressive with its 'rococo' decor, but the rooms are more simple but elegant.

There is one large leisure swimming pool, and an outdoor jacuzzi. The hotel is also located in front of the sea on the main Muscat beach. Of course, the hotel is equipped with a small health club, tennis courts, sauna, Haman and so on...

Inside there are several restaurants, one buffet in the ground floor and one Italian (the Tuscani) which is very good and not too expensive. I recommend this hotel if you like eccentric design and you want to be well located in Muscat.

Note :
There are two other luxury hotels in Muscat : The Sheraton (located in Ruwi which could be considered as the city center of Muscat) and the Al Bustan Palace (which is known has the most splendid hotel in the gulf). But presently they are both closed for renovation, and I don't know if they will re-open before the end of the year.


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  2. Hi There !!

    The Hotel looks very nice. But it is little bit expensive I think.

    Can you give me details of some cheap hotels there?

  3. It's not a problem in the luxuous hotels :)

  4. And if you're looking for a cheaper hotel, I recommand the "Safeer international" which is clean and spacious, but no swimming pool, no bar.


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