Friday, August 10

Salalah - part3

To finish, some unusual facts about Salalah :

yes there are cows in Oman ! In fact you can only found them in Salalah region, and most of the milk produced in Oman is coming from here.

On This picture you can see a grouping of blue tents : These kind of camp are actually "camel drivers" who live in the valley during the monsoon. a lot of grilled meat seller s are here also, spreading a sweet fumet around the camps...


  1. The milk is from Sohar
    but no one ever saw cows there


  2. Hi!
    great place to get infos!
    My wife got a contract to come in oman (muscat) for 2 years but i am very scared about the political situation and for as the arabs consider women.
    This is my mail
    If You have any advice please let me know

  3. no worry to have. here women can work normaly (i have several women expat colleagues).
    They can drive and go out without problem. Only thing to remember is to dress correctly (no miniskirt, no plunging neckline).

    Sometimes the women are ogled too much, but that's the only incovenient.

  4. I’m going there soon enough. Though, once you enter the place you’ll never feel like leaving it.

  5. Thank You for the answers!Sorry if i write here but i couldn't find a contact page.
    I have also read in this blog that internet is censored:No skype no file sharing etc. etc..?
    May women swim and sunbathe in public beaches (you wrote"never seen omani people in the water")?
    I'm sorry but i'am still worried.
    We lived 2years in the french St.Martin and now in Aruba.Is the change worth it?

  6. Yes there is censorship in the Internet : basically all porn websites are blocked. The download of the Skype installer is also blocked (but if you have already installed skype it will work from here). I know that Torrent works, but I didn't try emule.

    if you go on a public beach, your women will feel unconfortable in bath suit because people (omani an indians men) may stare at her. but you can go in little beaches (like the qurm beach or the qantab coves) where there are almost only expats and no problem.

    I will write a post on this subject soon, because you are not the only one to wonder about this aspect :)

    You're also asking if the change worth it ? well, my answer is simple : oman is a very good country. but there is no night life so if you have no kids you can get bored during the summer. I personnaly come from Paris. The winter I've spent in Oman was great (doing trekking camping, visit all the time), but now that we are in the summer and there is no night activities I get bored a little bit.

  7. I thank You so much for Your help!
    Another question:do You bathe all the year around or in the winter months the water is too cold?Is a scuba diver suit needed?

  8. Aruba guy
    careful cause Italians in Oman are beaten by French :P

  9. Expats who had been to the rest of Gulf must experience Salalah. Relaxed, easy going, warm, scenic, hospitable, polite and most importantly has potential to grow and let others grow.

    Came on a visit visa, fell in love with Salalah and got my Resident Permit in 2 weeks.
    Guess will be around for a long time to come.

  10. The second photo is so common in my country!! many cars accident occurred because a crow on the street impact with a car!! be careful!22dd

  11. I think that it is quite dangerous that a cow is near of the road. It can make an accident.


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