Monday, August 20

Yemeni restaurant

This small restaurant is located just in front of the Sultan qaboos sport complex in ghala. It represents very well the kind of small arabic food restaurants you can find in Muscat, which serve correct food, quickly and for cheap prices. Some would say they are the traditional arabic fast-foods !

The meal you can see below has just cost 2 OMR and it was excellent ! And you eat with your hand. The technique to eat rice with your hand is simple : roll some rice up into a ball, and push it into your mouth using your thumb.

You're sitting down in small compartments and you close the curtain, then you eat on a carpet and food is put down on a plastic paper.


  1. I remember the first time I had a meal in a similar restaurant in Salalah some years ago.
    Felt weird initially but then I loved it .
    Fish and chips was ok, but rice is bit difficult for a woman cause of nails .
    One of these days I will try with pasta .

  2. Mandi is so freaking delicious!!!!!

  3. I don't like Mandi. There are other places serving the same kind of plates.

    I hope you liked it!

  4. I want to taste something really delicious like this because I love the exotic food, this is the only cuisine I haven't taste, I HOPE TO GO THERE as soon as possible.


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